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International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) develops voluntary International Standards that provide state-of-the-art for products, services and management system.  ISO 9001 QMS  is being adapted by many companies to increase success on public and private tenders, infrastructure, procedures, processes and resources needed to help organisation both monitor and improve their performance to drive efficiencies,client service and product excellent. ALXTQM were providing a various ISO management system which is leader in training and consultancy services,deliver sustainable success for your business needs.

Standards Malaysia has adopted the ISO 9001;2008 standards, published as MS ISO 9001: 2008 in 2009. ISO 9001 Certification Malaysia quality management system will help in continually monitor and manage quality across all operation as it aims to enhance customer satisfaction and it suitable for organisations in all industry sectors and will help the organisation to improve management processes along provide practical tools for tackling many today’s global challenges.

ISO 9001 give that this standard is used worldwide, there is understandably a constant demand by organizations who feel they need a consultant to help demonstrate both exactly what the clauses of the standard dictate, and how those specific requirements can relate and be applied to their particular business and its sector. There were many companies offering ISO 9001 consulting services. ISO 9001 Consultant  were compete on their job that can give the best service to our client. Theoretical  knowledge were abreast as the practical knowledge that lead to improve our services.


As ISO International Standards provide practical tools, it works well in real world in sectors of Health  and Safety, Services, Food, Climate change, Water and many more. Occupational Health and Safety Managements Systems Specification (OHSAS) was the set of rules that every company should implement with the aim of managing health and safety issue and associated hazard within their company. OHSAS 18001 Malaysia is to assist organisation in establishing a management system to manage and control your health and safety risk and improving their Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) performance. By establishing OH&S administration framework you will dispose of hazard to representatives and other invested individuals who might be presented to OH&S chance related with its activities. These may secure employees health and safety and also lead for us to identify, reduce, mitigate and control Health and Safety concern.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) is the internationally recognised structured operating method that helps organisation in the food safety hazards and address legal compliance.It is approved worldwide as a suitable system for ensuring food safety and is a legal condition oe recommended for food business in most developed countries.  HACCP Malaysia is imperative to the organisation as  management tools, helps to demonstrate our stakeholder commitment to food safety,able to continuously improve for better business performance. The HACCP framework can be utilized at all phases of a natural pecking order, from sustenance creation and arrangement forms.


ISO International Standards guarantee that items and administrations are protected, dependable and of good quality. For business, they are vital apparatuses that lessen costs by limiting waste and mistakes and expanding efficiency. They help organizations to get to new markets, make everything fair to develop nations and encourage free and reasonable worldwide exchange.


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