How To Choose Malaysia SEO Company


How to choose a SEO company/consultant
There are number of SEO companies/consultants in Malaysia, and many of them are just started in this SEO business. If you are serious about SEO services, there are some factors that you need to consider :

* How long have the SEO company/consultant established ?

* Any proven records (the websites) that have been successfully listed top position in search engines ?

* How long have been the websites listed in search engines ? (more than 1 year ? )

* Are the keywords to find the websites commonly used ? ( For example, if a company selling furniture, the keywords for its website shall be ” furniture supplier ”  or  ” furniture manufacturer ” , and should not some strange words such as “furniture shop Klang” )

* Is there any money back guarantee if the website is not listed in top position in search engines ?

* Are these SEO companies/consultants using the “black hat” method to spam your website to get high ranking, such as domain redirection ? ( Caution : There are few SEO companies in Malaysia are doing this, your website will have risk of getting banned by search engine ! )

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