Car Dealers Malaysia (First Mile Auto)

First Mile Auto doing business as boutique style car dealers selling their first car back in 2011. First Mil Auto currently has one new branched opened in Penang in early 2014, while the first was in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. They sell unregistered brand new cars , barely use reconditioned cars and registered used cars from the made of Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Toyota. Many odd and unique cars can be found in their line up of stocks as we preferred to be different than the other car dealers in town.


In most cases, unregistered cars are usually cheaper than new cars although they could be the same model. What unregistered cars mean here is that they have been imported from others countries. As such, they are not registered with JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) or the Road transport department of Malaysia. The cars may looks similar to the current model, this happen because there is no owner so that the cars cannot be registered. Should you agree to buy the particular car, then the dealer will register with JPJ and hence it gets the number plate. Recon car Malaysia usually brought in using the Approved Permit extended by the government. This can then be meant higher benefits for the dealer which is why some dealer can have substantial showrooms that feature the latest models of certain brands.

As one of the leading car dealer that selling recon car, unregistered brand new luxury car and used car in Malaysia, First Mile Auto strictly follow the sets of rule to govern the sales and procedure upon all purchases done by their valuable customers and honest fellow sales advisors. First Mile Auto is also a current leading car showroom management with such approach and has been attracting a lot of customers as their excellent services are the talk of the town. Customer satisfaction is always First Mile Auto top priority and they promises good after sales services to all customer.


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